Nadal vs Federer Australian Open Tennis 2017 Final


Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer will face each other in the Australian Open 2017 Finals.

Both players are over 30 years old but they’re still bursting with stamina and skills. Especially Federer, who used up every bit of stamina and dexterity in all his matches in this year’s first Grand Slam.

His powerful serve and back hand shots gave challenging moments for the umpire. His opponents needed tons of stamina in order to return his shots. World ranking No. 4 “Stan Wawrinka” also showed his distress.

As for Rafael Nadal, he used every opportunity to score a point despite of his opponent’s tough shots. However, this is what Federer lacks. Nadal is 5 years younger than Federer, surely he will chase Federer’s shots.

Federer to Win Match: “2.1”

Nadal to Win Match: “1.8”

Bet365 seems to predict that Nadal will be the winner in the Australian Open 2017. There are some possibilities.

Perhaps Nadal’s rank is higher than Federer’s, their Head-to-head records show that Nadal won 25 times out of 36 matches with Federer, and also due to Nadal’s age being 5 years younger, he might have more stamina than Federer and outshine him in the finals.

Serena Williams has already clinched the title in Women’s tennis and beat her younger sister, Venus Williams 6-4, 6-4. She has won 7 times in the Australian Open. If Nadal were to win in this match, it would be his second time.

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