Denis Istomin beat Novak Djokovic!Biggest Australian Open Tennis 2017 upset ever

Denis Istomin,Novak Djokovic,

Novak Djokovic and Denis Istomin played off at the Australian Open 2017 on 19 Jan. The score was  7-68, 5-7, 2-6, 7-65, 6-4.

Which player won? Everybody thought it’d be Novak Djokovic. But to the supporter’s despair, world ranking 117 Denis Istomin beat Novak Djokovic.

This news shocked people and everybody were astounded.

At the time, I watched this much, Novak Djokovic showed irritation and shouted on the coat even during the second round of the Australian open.

What”s wrong with Novak Djokovic? And how did you get win from the top tennis player in the world Denis Istomin?

Unexpectedly Novak Djokovic wanted to get audience support in the early moment. He usually doesn’t want it because he knows he can win. Was he getting inpatient during the match?

Denis Istomin just had to use his 100% ability and he certainly had perfect concentration. He could read Novak Djokovic’s moves. All of all his returns were precise and unpredictable in  Djokovic’s coat.

When the tie break of  the first set reached 6-6, Denis Istomin averted Djokovic’ return and the audience were thrilled.

Gradually the audience realized that Denis Istomin might beat Novak Djokovic.

In the second and third set, Denis Istomin was almost out of stamina. However Djokovic was still in top-form and he clinched  5-7, 2-5. It seemed that Djokovic had settle down by the second and third set. 

From the forth set there was shade in half the coat. At the time, Denis Istomin recovered his energy and concentration. His service points grew step by step. His score inflamed the audience.

In the forth set, Djokovic left the coat for a while as he was tired due to the 4 hours long match.

In the final set, both players shouted at each other’s shots. However Denis Istomin shouted before the ball landed in Djokovic’s coat and the judgement against him was unfair.

Finally Denis Istomin amazed the world at the second round of the Australian open. Its was like winning the 1st prize in this tournament.

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